Building transportation & navigation technologies for automobiles of the FUTURE.

We provide a wide array of products ranging from navigation for fleet management services, routing and demand-supply heatmaps for ride-sharing platforms & enroute EV charging optimization & scheduling to build an inter-car communication network for the future self driving cars.

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Travoid for Logistics

Comprehensive navigation for fleet management services.

We provide state of the art routing & navigation to improve the overall efficiency of the fleets of your customers.

Electric Vehicle
EV Charge Scheduling

Our predictive algorithm will suggest the best time and place to charge your EVs based on power usage and oncoming traffic.

Ride Sharing
Ride-sharing and multipoint transits

Priority based multi point routing with speed suggestions and time-shift for maximum efficiency.

Network Communication
Communication Platform

Cloud platform to enable inter-vehicle communication for next generation routing and transportation marketplace.

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