Case Study : ECO

Route : Make in LA, Los Angeles to Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

Date : Sept 13, 2017 | Distance : 38.3 miles

Blog Post 1

Blog Post 1


  • Time Savings : 15–20 minutes on a 38.2 miles trip using historical traffic data
  • Start at the same time (5:30pm) and follow predicted speed limits considering the upcoming traffic for better efficiency (so that by the time the vehicle reaches the heavy traffic area, it may be cleared up).
  • Use the extra time for a strategic pitstop (refreshment, get a coffee or burger / use this extra time to charge EVs without loosing extra time).

Tweaking for EVs and autonomous vehicles using OBD data.

The efficiency can be custom tailored for each vehicles according to their maximum efficiency points in various speed (introducing efficiency speed limits)

Simulation is available here.

Demo is available here.